Canary Islands • Hiking a Volcanic Peak in Tenerife

If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, and you don’t mind your shoes turning pink, why not hike to the top of this volcanic peak, planted right on the southern coast of Tenerife?

Montaña Roja is only 171 meters tall, however, I won’t lie – this hike is a workout. It’s quite steep and trickier than it looks. Be prepared for some strong winds, and make sure you wear hiking boots or sneakers with traction and grip, as the trails are made of volcanic pumice stone, which forms a slippery mix of gravel and sand. That said, many people do go up each day and I have seen young children do it with their families, but they weren’t wearing flip flops.


The views are definitely worth the sweat! At the top, enjoy a magnificent panorama of Playa de la Tejita and the beaches of el Médano. There is also a place at the apex where the wind stops completely – the perfect spot to take a break before your descent.

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HOW TO GET THERE: If you’re coming from el Médano, walk the entire boardwalk in the direction of the mountain. When that ends, continue walking along the beach, until you see the sign stating “Montaña Roja” and the start of the trail. There are many other trails that begin along the bottom, making it easily accessible from any direction.

Photo Credit: Kelsey Pietropaolo

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