Dublin • Irish Folklore At Its Best

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Dublin, like all capital cities, has lots of exciting attractions to keep you occupied and perhaps one of its least well known but the most creative is the National Leprechaun Museum. “Museum” is perhaps a slightly misleading way of describing this attraction, really it’s a story-telling experience but, that doesn’t quite have the same ring to it so I see why they went with museum.

Located right in the heart of Dublin you will go on an exciting journey through red socked forests, trek across the Giant’s Causeway and reach the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow all with the help of an enthusiastic tour guide who will regale you with a selection of tales from Irish folklore and mythology. It’s a really creative and fun little ‘museum’ with excellent guides that make it a truly enjoyable experience for children as well as adults – it’s also a great way to learn a bit of Irish culture and something a little different than the usual tourist attractions.

Ps. If you book online they give you a little present at the end of the tour!

Featured Photo Credit: Leprechaun Museum

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