Papirøen • Copenhagen Street Food

Whenever I visit somewhere food is always at the top of my agenda, but sometimes exploring can get in the way of regular meal times so I am a huge fan of street food and Copenhagen has perhaps the best food market I’ve visited.

Located on Papirøen (Paper Island) is a warehouse full of stalls selling street food from all around the world – whatever you fancy it is bound to be here. As soon as you walk in you are overwhelmed by smells wafting over from all the stalls jammed into this warehouse and you might need to wander round a few times before you can make up your mind which one to visit. I would highly recommend DUCK IT where you can have a pulled duck burger which is truly delicious. All the produce is locally sourced and aims to be a relatively cheap eat, of course this is Copenhagen so don’t be surprised if their definition of cheap doesn’t match yours…


If the weather is nice you can take your food to the pier out the front and relax in one of the deckchairs, otherwise squeeze on the end of one of the wooden benches inside and tuck in!

Photo Credit: Emily Wilson

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  1. This is definitely one of my favourite places to eat in Copenhagen, and much more reasonable prices compared to the rest of the city. I never noticed the hanging cow when I visited, I must have been so caught up with the sights and smells!

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