Saint Etienne de la Varenne, France • Harvesting Grapes 

Harvests, hills, fabulous estates, the Monte Bianco visible in the distance when the sky is clear, and…grapes.

Rows and rows of grapes, with plants 65 years old, that make the Bruilly Wine, typical of the Beaujolais region.
We are in France, half an hour to Lyon, in Saint Etienne de la Varenne. There, like in the whole region, September is grape harvest period.

People from all over the world go there to work in the harvest, gain some money and taste an amazing experience. To work in grape harvests is not only to do the back paining labor (plants are really short) but also to spend a time living with a different rhythm, closer to Nature’s, with people from a wide range of traditions and cultures.

If you have fear of spiders it won’t be your job, but instead, if you are interested in learning an old job partially forgotten by younger generations…let’s apply!

You can find information and look for jobs at Pole Emploi or Anefa.

Photo Credit: Rebecca Zaccarini

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