K-38, Mexico • Baja California’s Best Tacos

Southern California residents have always had easy access to Northern Baja California. Although Northern Mexico became a no-go region for several years, it is now returning to its past glory days of weekend escapes. A popular spot just south of Rosarito is K-38, or Kilometer 38. It’s easy to determine the location because of the massive Jesus statue on the hillside – you can’t miss him! K-38 is home to great surf, food, and people. It’s easily accessible and safe. The taco shops here might be some of the best in Baja. Luckily, two of them are side by side.


Tacho’s Tacos makes the best seafood tacos (and quesadillas) you can imagine. They are known for their amazing food and cheap beer, so the plastic tables and chairs fill up quickly at lunch time. They are even selling shirts now! Right next door is Taco Surf, an equally delicious taco stand that features all the traditional meats – carne asada, carnitas, abogado, etc. The cooks prepare the tacos right in front of you on a griddle, where you can watch the magic happen. There is limited counter seating but plenty of standing room as this is a quick bite.  It’s no wonder that people wander between the two taco shops, sampling tacos from both as they are so different and delicious in their own right! Not to mention, the staff at both clearly enjoy their jobs, which they do so well! Keep in mind that both close before 7:00 pm, so make sure you plan your tacos accordingly!


Photo Credit: Erin Burt


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