San Vito lo Capo • Sicilian Blood, African Passion

Hostel hostel hostel! Finally a bed, after two amazing weeks sleeping in the middle of nature…adventurous and never boring, but when you find something soft under your back it is always a pleasure!

We arrived at Timbuktu Hostel without expecting anything different from the sparkling atmosphere that these kind of accommodations give. But since the beginning we have had to change our minds!

First of all, the location. San Vito lo Capo is renown for its beauty, the Caribbean style beaches and the famous Riserva Dello Zingaro, a natural reserve. The hostel is situated at the beginning of the town, close to every comfort and needing.

The owner, Marco, is such a brother and a friend for every person coming to his kingdom. The mood at Timbuktu is always gorgeous and familiar, you really feel like you’re at home!

Everything inside is made with recycled items and in each room there is a Green Bed: if you sleep there, the proceeds are given to support a green project. 

We were supposed to stay only for two nights but, because we are such artists and we haven’t been able to leave this inspiring world, we had the opportunity to draw in walls and decorate the hostel, do our fire shows and help prepare breakfast and other small chores. After four days we are still here!

This is because this is a place where people really trust and take care to their custumers, looking at them not only as passengers, but as experiences, as friends able to give something and receive something other, always new, always surprising.

True Sicilian blood and charisma, innovative people and genuine reality are the characteristics of Timbuktu hostel.  Don’t expect less and be ready to grow your soul!

Featured Photo: Timbuktu Hostel // Additional Photos: Rebecca Zaccarini

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