Egadi Islands, Sicily • Nature and Bikes

Islands in a island. Why not? With curiosity we took the ferry going to the Egadi Islands, in Trapani’s district.

Favignana, Levanzo and Marettimo, each one with a different history, kind of people, way of being.

First we arrived to Favignana, the island of butterflies. Touristic and full of movida even at the beginning of September, although splendid and varied.  The best tip I can give you is to rent a bike. You will see, almost everybody has one and at the harbor you can easily rent one for 5 euro a day. Riding it, feel free to start an adventure! Beaches are amazing and it is true that the more known, like Cala Rossa and Cala Azzurra, are an obligation. But if you prefer quiet choose to climb the rocks in front of the sea, reachable from the street: blue water and no noise! 

An interesting invention I found on Lido Burrone beach is a gazebo completely made in recycled wood, with pillows made with algae. Poseidonia, in fact, can be a problem in this crystalline sea. Waves bring it on the beaches, and people are annoyed by it. Medonia Lab  created comfortable pillows and mattresses, to rest on in the shadows on the beach.

Levanzo is a totally different mood. There are only two bars, a small ceramics shop, a supermarket and a bakery, but there you will find relaxation and true Sicilian people. I loved it and locals suggested to camp in a pine forest up to the village. Go to see the sunset at Faraglione, you will never forget it!

Photo Credits: Rebecca Zaccarini

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