San Leone, Sicily • Ice Cream is a Must

Ice cream in Sicily. Nothing better, nothing more original and natural. Pistachio is the most common flavor, but as for the ice cream, you can taste all the possible combo of cakes, sweets, granita. A paradise of sensations and pleasure!

In San Leone, district of Agrigento, we found one of the best ice creameries I have ever tasted (and trust me, I eat ice cream all year long!)

Gelateria Le Cuspidi offers a range of different colors and desires to satisfy even the most difficult palate.

My friend Elena ate not one, not two but three ice creams one after the other! I tried a granita gelso and lemon and after I couldn’t resist to have a pistachio and pasqualino ice cream (almonds and pistachio ice cream with pistachio crumbles). I love pistachio, isn’t it clear?

And for real lovers… Try brioche with ice cream: a bomb of Sicily’s heart!

Photo Credit: Rebecca Zaccarini

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