Agrigento, Sicily • Some Pampering on the Beach

Agrigento means Valley of Temples and Scala dei Turchi, the famous sites where more or less everybody goes, when visiting this part of Sicily. I personally didn’t go to any of these places, but it doesn’t mean you shouldn’t do it: simply I didn’t have the time to do it, because I spent amazing days on two of the most beautiful beaches I have ever been.

We arrived in Agrigento, it was almost sunset and we decided to immediately start working on the historical centre. It is really nice and well conserved , with the characteristic Baroque of Sicily. I have a friend living there and he promised me he would have brought us to a wonderful place where to spend the night.

When we decided to go to sleep, he drove to a beach, a little far from the town, called Giallonardo. It was dark and we planted our tents without really noticing where we were.


But, at 8 am, when the sun hit the tent, I opened the zip and I couldn’t trust my eyes: an enormous and sublime sea in front of me and a beach with faint sand, light as the transparent water.

There’s a small kiosk at the end of the beach so we didn’t die of thirst, and the most amazing thing…Roberto the hairdresser, that cuts the hair of the beautiful ladies, for the price of 4 euro. He also gives as a present, a free shampoo to his customers. He convinced me and two of my friends to do it and thank God we did it! He’s really really good at doing his job.

Photo Credit: Rebecca Zaccarini

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