Maui, Hawaii • The Road to Hana is Paved in Coconut

At first glance, Coconut Glen’s may appear to be your regular run of the mill rainbow colored, lawn ornament splattered, side of the road stand, but it is much, much more.

In every photo we took, we’re smiling from ear to ear, a result of a strange but beautiful experience.  First off, their coconut ice cream is really really good.  I personally had the original coconut and the coffee-toffee, served in an actual coconut. Extra points for cuteness!

The best part of Glen’s, hands down, was the free-spirited woman who waited on us. Phyllis, originally from the mainland ran around bare footed, excitedly showing us around, telling us stories and drinking some sort of adult beverage out of a goblet. Aside from eating ice cream, we also blew bubbles out of flowers, fed their resident pig (ice cream, of course), and got to see little plants that go night-night when you touch them.

Let me be clear about one thing, if you’re in any sort of rush, you will probably get frustrated by the laid-back attitude of everyone working here. I think she started scooping our ice cream and stopped to tell a story or show us something at least three or four times. There were some road-weary tourists behind us who were just not having it, but if you’re patient you’ll be rewarded with not only a much needed afternoon treat, but a unique experience as well.

Photo Credits: Tara Turner

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