La Playa Grande, Sicily • The Best Awakening 

The beaches of Sicily. All are amazing, changing from sand to rocks, from blue to green-transparent sea. I am traveling for a week and I am completely lost in the landscape.  We arrived in Ragusa some days ago. After a tour in Ragusa Ibla, the old part of the town, that I absolutely suggest to explore, with its small and curvy alleys and its Baroque atmosphere, we spent a night and a day in La Playa Grande, a beach between Marina Di Ragusa and Sampieri. The best thing of this beach is that is in a Natural Reserve, full of birds and plants, mostly of American Canes. This is perfect to build small huts where to sleep or chill in the shadows.

We planted our tents and we made a fire . It is not really allowed but we noticed that there were traces of past bonfires so we didn’t pose a problem.

This beach is quiet and free. The first thing I did when I woke up was jump into the water…what a wonderful awakening!

Photo Credits: Rebecca Zaccarini

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