Kalbarri National Park • Window to Australian Nature

Australia: the great promise of memorable trips! There’s an amazing spot in one of the numerous natural parks of Australia. Its name is Natures Window and it’s part of the Kalbarri National Park, 568 kms heading to the north from Perth, Western Australia.

Western is known as the most wild part of Australia (after the centre dominated by the bush) because of huge distance between cities and villages, wide desert areas and dry counties, decorated by the best beaches of the country.

One of the impressive parks in that zone is Kalbarri, 1830km² of extension, and it keeps wonderful panoramic points on the valley. The place at issue is a rock’s opening that resembles a window, overlooking the canyon.


You need to walk a while to reach the point, it’s clearly indicated and there’s a path guiding to it. It’s not so easy, especially if you are a trekking beginner. It is necessary to have a bit of physical resistance, but it’s not very hard to do it. I would set the difficult as medium; the walk is mainly on the rocks and in certain points it goes up and down.

Be careful about the hot temperature, that in those areas rises to 50ºC during the summer season! There’s a quite tragi-comic sign at the entrance of each point that reminds you that you can die down there and it’s strongly recommended to take some water with you.


The effort is well worth the achievement! I’ve always believed that Mother Nature is perfect as nothing else on this world and, when I saw the Window in that park, I thought  perhaps a master architect exists and he designed the great window everyone wants to have in his own house!

The thoughts take over the moment there and it’s just you and the wonder, alone. It’s really difficult to explain what you can admire there and the emotions in particular. So, pack your stuff and go to take a look by yourself!

Photo Credits: Noemi Russo



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