Canary Islands • Quiet & Beautiful Playa de la Tejita

Come to Playa de la Tejita, on the south coast of the island of Tenerife, if you would like to escape the masses flocking to the beaches found on the opposite side of la Montaña Roja. The sand here is finer and softer, the water is a bit cleaner and clearer in my opinion, and the view of this side of the mountain is so pretty! I was dumbstruck at how few people came here throughout the summer.


That said, be careful if it’s high tide. Because it’s (miraculously) untraveled, there are no lifeguards, and it’s possible you will be alone there. The waves are also higher in general, so have your wits about you! If you’re going to swim, heed the cardinal rule for rough surf – go under the waves instead of over them.

One last tip – because of strong winds, the sand likes to travel. Keep your sunglasses on to avoid getting it in your eyes, or build a mini protection wall out of rocks (or even better – steal one that has already been made – there are usually a bunch for this exact purpose!)

Photo Credit: Kelsey Pietropaolo


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