Laghetti Di Marinello, Sicily • Legends Under the Sanctuary 

We decided to wander around the area of Messina and a woman we met in Villafranca suggested we go to Laghetti Di Marinello, a small locality on the sea.  So, in the early morning we decided to tempt luck but were confident in the local and nice woman, so we took a train to Oliveri-Tindari.

Not a better place could have been found to spend a day in complete peace. Laghetti Di Marinello are small natural lakes situated on a tongue of sand on the sea and overlooked by a mountain, where a big sanctuary sticks out of the vegetation.

The name of the sanctuary is Santuario Di Tindari and a legend says that it was built there because a long time ago a boat docked there, carrying a black Madonna. It couldn’t depart again until the Madonna was on board but the captain decided to leave the big statue there, where now the sanctuary is, with the Madonna inside. Tindari is also a Ancient Greek colony and the village contains the ruins of many old houses and monuments, including a theatre.

Another legend, about the presence of these natural salted lakes under the sanctuary, says that once a mom with her child went to visit the Madonna. The child tumbled down the mountain, but he was saved because in that moment, a lake with the shape of the Madonna appeared under him.

This beach is not really known by tourists and it is so long and varied that you feel like you are alone in a desert. If it’s windy you can choose on which side of the tongue to stay, to avoid the wind!

Featured Photo: Marco Crupi

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