Oasi Azzurra Village, Villafranca Tirrena • Blue and Accommodating Sicily 

In Villafranca Tirrena, 20 minutes from Messina, lies a quiet and a scent of blue, characteristic of Sicily.

The first thing noticeable in the island is the perfect relaxation of its habitants, everything goes with the flow, no worries, no rush. For a girl coming from Milan, used to doing everything in hurry, that’s the paradise! Everybody smiling, everybody living in the moment.

Oasi Azzurra Village is the perfect example of this spirit. Located in a small district of Villafranca, facing the sea, it takes the colors and the unruffled vibes of the Mediterranean. It is a hotel, a restaurant and a place to relax under the sun.

Luckily we arrived there the night of one of the frequent parties on the beach, a small kiosk was built on the boot topping and a big fire in front of the sea. My friend plays with fire, so we put on a small show, where she and the manager of the resort (a fakir) thrilled the public with energy and flames.

Oasi Azzurra’s restaurant, furthermore, is amazing: fresh fish and granita con brioche (speciality of Sicily!) are absolutely necessary to try…and pistachio flavor is the best one!

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Photo Credits: Rebecca Zaccarini

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