Canary Islands • New Flavors, Renewed Satisfaction


This place kept me coming back for more. Who would have thought? I’ve spent a fair share of time in Italy (shoving my face with the best gelato in the world) so that’s saying something. What made this place unique from other gelaterias in the area is that they have new flavors daily (trust me, I would know), and each one is bursting with, well, such flavor, it’s like eating real fruit, or real chocolate. You can tell immediately those fresh ingredients are really in there, not artificial ones. If you can get it, I would highly recommend the pineapple, or the mango… or the coconut, also, the chocolate brownie, the coffee, and the Gofio, which is the name for a special type of flour made from roasted grains. Eat it quick before it melts in the strong Canarian sun! (Use that excuse when you eat it warp speed anyway.)


HOW TO GET THERE: If you walk to Plaza Roja, one of the main squares in el Médano, you can’t miss it!

Photo Credit: Kelsey Pietropaolo


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