Sicily • Ride to the Beautiful Island 

Backpacking in Sicily: let’s start this adventure! My first tip about traveling around the beautiful island starts in Bologna, where for 50 euro I found a Blablacar ride going to Reggio Calabria. I suggest to use blablacar if you need to move in Italy and mostly in the south. There, buses and trains are not really functional and often it takes a long time to go from a village to the closer one.

I stopped in Villa San Giovanni where ferries to Messina are cheaper than in Reggio Calabria and I took a ticket of Caronte & Tourist Ferry for 2,5 euro. I have just arrived in Messina and I am really curious about what I will discover!

Photo Credit: Rebecca Zaccarini

I won’t spend the night here, so I am going to Villafranca Tirrena, where a couchsurfing member will host me for tonight.

I also have a tent and sleeping bag but it’s always nice and exciting to meet people from the place where you are going, to really discover culture, traditions and hidden gems!

Featured Photo Credit: Alessandro Grussu


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