Cabo de Gata, Spain • For True Nature Lovers 

Cabo de Gata is a natural park close to Almeria, in southern Spain.

Beautiful and uncontainable beaches, quiet atmosphere (apart from August, when tourism reaches more or less every spot of the earth) and nature surround the joy of taking a road trip to this place. To have a car is a useful tip for whoever decides to properly discover every hidden cala and village scattered here, and if you bring a tent you will meet lots of other adventurers.

Photo Credit: Wikipedia

Las Salinas de Cabo de Gata are the only industrial activity for kilometers and have a high value since the Phoenician age, producing more than 40.000 tons of salt for years. But the bigger value is the ecological one. Here there are animal species in their natural habitat, more than 100 species of birds are counted, and the most famous are the pink flamingos, that serenely live here during the winter, before migrating abroad.

Photo Credit: gutifoll/flickr

At the entrance of the park, or in the closed village of San José, there are maps available to find the routes to observe animals and birds. Don’t forget to look for the irresistible beaches of this amazing natural oasis and to walk until the lighthouse, at the end of the park.

Featured Photo: Juan Mercader

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