Portland, Maine • A Dance Floor You’ve Never Seen Before

“That place is a hidden gem. It’s definitely a local hangout. You won’t find another bar like it.”  That’s what a friend told us after we spent the night at Bubba’s Sulky Lounge in Portland, Maine.  Voted one of the best dive bars in America, Bubba’s is like nothing you’ve ever seen. If the light up dance floors or the 80’s themed Friday nights aren’t enough, just take a look around at the eclectic and hilarious decor.


Mannequins, dolls and children’s toys adorn the front bar. Bar stools are replaced with old office swivel chairs. The ceiling is covered in antique lunch boxes. One room is decorated like a barber shop. There’s also a post office, and cartoon characters watch from the walls.

Go on Fridays for 80’s Night. Dress the part and save yourself the $5 cover. Go on Saturdays for the DJ. The $5 cover is totally worth it.

Know Before You Go: They are cash only, but have an ATM inside.

Photo Credit: Tara Turner

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