Sifnos, Greece • Jump from Rocks Below Two Incredible Panagias

What really charmed me about the island of Sifnos is its variety. Sifnos has a few thousand of years of history as a wealthy and inhabited Cycladic island.  Sifnos is greener than other Greek islands, has about 365 Orthodox churches and several swimming spots, each one different from the other.

The eastern side of the island is mainly rocky, with extremely fascinating cliffs, deep blue waters and emerald spots below white rocks. If you don’t mind some energizing hiking on donkeys paths or on scenic stone man crafted stairs, Sifnos offers two incredible places where you can enjoy the Mediterranean at its most: Efta Martyres and Panagia Poluati.

Efta Martyres, which means The Seven Martyrs, is a scenic little church located on a rock below the village of Kastro.  The church is well worth a visit, especially if you like to dive off the rocks, and swim and snorkel in crystal clear water.  To get down to the rock, just walk through Kastro’s paths and down the steps, cannot be missed. It is a 10 minute hike but is definitely worth it.

Efta Martires (you can see the little church on the main picture)

Panagia Poulati, right below Artemonas, is the hidden gem of Sifnos, and you can be completely alone there. After driving or walking for a couple of kilometers down  a scenic road which passes in front of the Windmills Bellavista complex, you will get to a little monastery which is worth a visit and a few minutes of silent relaxation. The big attraction is the turquoise green waters and the lush and beautiful surroundings. Is not a large beach, rather small beach pockets with sand and a few rocks to sunbath on.

From the Panagia Poulati, to get to the crystal clear water is a pleasant 10 minute walk on a stone path among olive trees.


Photo © Carmine Savarese

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