Parma, Italy • For Food Lovers!

Parma is one of the  most famous cities for food production.

Since 2002 it has been home to EFSA headquarters and it claims the invention of some of the most exported products around the world, such as Parmigiano Reggiano or Prosciutto di Parma (typical ham of Parma). It is also famous for Lambrusco, the popular sparkling red wine, loved by students for it’s cheap price and tasty soul.

If you are willing to visit this city, you should remember at least 3 things:

Parma is important not only for food: you should try not to get your belly stuck in a restaurant too long…Otherwise you will miss a lot of beautiful cultural and artistic views, like Duomo and Battistero, made by Antelami, that houses Correggio’s works and shouldn’t be missed by art and history lovers!

Also, if you love lyrical opera, you shouldn’t forget that Parma hosts one of the most important theatres dedicated to it. In October the Regio theatre holds a Lyric Festival, that’s famous all over the World. (For information you can visit

Parma is a bicycle city: it is small, and pretty. While you are digesting the delicious meal you have eaten almost everywhere, I would suggest you rent a bike and ride it all around the small alleys, over the bridges that cross the Parma river and through the two historical and amazing parks hidden in the centre of the city: Parco Ducale and Cittadella.

(Parco Ducale: Via John Fitzgerald Kennedy, 10, 43100 Parma PR and Cittadella : Viale delle Rimembranze, 5, 43100 Parma PR)

If you want to buy typical products, I prompt you to buy in the small shops you can find around; don’t go to supermarkets or big shopping centres. They would peel your pockets. Instead, be confident in older owners, mostly about food purchases; in Parma there isn’t even a McDonald’s in the centre. You will be sure that everything you find in this city is  made with the heart, by people that really care about quality!

If you want a suggestion about a place you shouldn’t miss to eat Parma’s take away specialities, I suggest Pepen, where carciofa  and pesto di cavallo ( raw horse) will make you agree that this city creates the best food ever!

(Pepen,  Borgo Sant’ambrogio, 2, 43100 Parma PR)

Featured image photo credit : Foto Galloni

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