Cusco, Peru • Joyful Fusion

This tip is provided by our English Explorer, Siobhan Lawless.

A stone’s throw from Plaza de Armas in Cusco, my taste buds skyrocketed to new levels of happiness.

‘Morena Peruvian Kitchen’ or ‘Café Morena’ provides all foodies with a first-class dining experience, where authentic Peruvian dishes are served with a modern makeover.  It’s ideal for a trendy spot of lunch, with its cool art and stylish decor. Equally, if you’re going on a dinner date, make a beeline to the basement to delight in its more intimate, evening feel.

The restaurant’s extensive menu showcases Peruvian foods’ enticing and diverse heritage. Cafe Morena’s chifa dishes (a fusion between Peruvian and Chinese cooking) are what seriously brought me joy. The ‘lomo saltado’ (stir fry of marinated sirloin with onions & vegetables) served with quinoa, was incredibly aromatic. Although their tangy  ‘aeropuerto’ (a stir fry dish with noodles, rice and vegetables) oozed phenomal flavours and stole the show as my favourite dish in all of South America. I ordered it twice and still dream about it daily.

For two courses and a cocktail you’re looking at spending around $20 USD per head. In Peruvian terms, this may not be cheap but thankfully the service, as well as the food, was delectable.

The dishes’ exotic presentation is worthy of an art exhibit- we felt bad if our fork so much as brushed against a petal! If there’s a morsel of food out of place in these pictures, forgive us, we’re to blame!

Photo Credits: Siobhan Lawless

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