Ibiza, Spain • The Best Kept Seafood Secret

There’s an hidden place in Ibiza, where you can taste one of the best paellas on the island. The restaurant is owned by an original Iberian Peninsula citizen and it has the magical atmosphere that you expect from a Spanish spot: warm, cozy and absolutely genuine.

The restaurant is set precisely in Sant Antoni de Portmany, into the north of the island and a tourist can’t get there if they’re not guided by a local or by hearsay. In fact, it is not on the main street of the village, where all the people walk along, but it’s quite lost in one of the numerous small roads that characterise San Antoni.

The tables are placed out on the street, “calle” in Spanish, and in the evening the candles help to create a romantic mood, enjoying the sea breeze. Rias Baixas is the local restaurant that you want to meet during a perfect holiday!

Photo Credit: Facebook

The owner and the staff are really nice and easy going. They offer a very delicious typical appetizer before mesmerizing you with their yummy paella! This is served into the classic big pan and it’s full of fresh ingredients (fish, meat and vegetables. You can choose between the Valenciana style and others).

Heading to the Balearic island, don’t forget this place and ask for their sangrìa…that one is amazing as well!

P.S. To take leave in Spain, it is usual to say “Hasta Luego” (see you then), Spanish people love to hear it from foreigners!

Featured Photo: alobos Life


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