Chichen Itza, Mexico • A Cenote Without the Price Tag or Tourists

If you’re heading to Chichen Itza, Mexico, it is worthwhile to spend one or two nights at the cute colonial town of Valladolid. We spent two nights to escape the mad tourist rush of the Yucatan coast and loved it. Get ready to wind down a few levels, relax and rejuvenate.


Forget Cenote Ik Kil which is bombarded by tourist groups from Chichen Itza and head to these two “forgotten” cenotes. Cenote Zoric is right in the centre of Valladolid! It costs $30 pesos (a mere $1.60 USD) to get in and there are ledges which you can jump off, refreshing water, and not many people there at all. We spent an hour or so there swimming, jumping and lazing about. Perfect way to escape the heat!

On our last day we jumped in a taxi to Cenote Oxman (4km out of Valladolid). We got there just after 8am and had the whole place to ourselves for over two hours! All for $35 pesos!

I have to admit, it’s a little creepy walking down a dark stair well into the cenote but once you are there it is beautiful! There’s little birds flying around, a rope swing to get adventurous on and ropes in the water to hold onto/sit on when you get tired of holding yourself up. Once you get a bit too cold, head back up the stairwell and relax by the pool and get some sunshine.


It was one of the best cenotes we have been to and I highly recommend it! If you have a whole day (we only had half a day before our bus), hire a bicycle and ride out there, you can also make the trip to Cenote Xkeken which is 7km out of town.

Photo Credits: Rose-Hannah Lishman


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