Sardinia, Italy • The Valley of The Moon

The Valley of the Moon is a small locality situated in Sardinia’s Northern coast, famous mostly during the 60’s because of its hippies’ flow.

It is a secret and uncontaminated place, even if nowadays it started to fascinate tourists and hippies’ sons, or any person interested in finding quiet, spirituality, and contact with nature.

This valley is close to Santa Teresa di Gallura village, around 60 km north to Olbia. Its peculiarity is the presence of granite rocks all around, that literally close the space, keeping it outside of civilisation.

There are people living there for years, also during the winter, because there are caverns big enough to live comfortably. Obviously the community reduces its size in the coldest period, but during the summer it receives many visitors and people willing to live there to celebrate the summery full moon. The best ritual is conducted in August, that is also the peak month. To find more quiet and true hippies is better to visit the valley in May, June or September.


The community is open to greet everybody; the only problem is the water supply, small to serve everybody. Mostly during the summer, when the stock is minor, the water is used only to cook and drink, and not to wash and take a shower.

A Tiplr suggestion is to go to Moon Valley only if you are really interested and bewitched by this life style, to totally benefit from the magic of this place and its residents.

Photo Credit: Juza PhotoErodoto108

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  1. Great post and thank you for sharing something about my land!! 😀


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