Pian Cuvinic, Italy • Find Peace on a Terrace

Pian Cuvinic is the name of a balcony in the northern Italian province of Varese. It is weird, isn’t it, that a balcony has got a name? You may pose yourself this question only before you have gone there, because when you arrive and you really see what Pian Cuvinic is, you will be left without words.

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I have been there with some friends, we brought everything necessary to BBQ and to camp and we spent an absolutely relaxing day, immersed into nature and isolated from the rest of the world. The area is already equipped with tables and benches, a BBQ made in rocks and you only need to bring your grill and meat to use it! We burned wood taken into the forest and a nice present is to leave some of it there for the next people coming to Pian Cuvinic!

Post Scriptum for motivated Explorers: no Google Maps is able to find the place, if you write its name. You must insert the right coordinates ( 45.9473, 8.71572)

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