Urubamba, Peru • Stay at Casa Saywa

If you’re going to Machu Picchu, big chances are that you’re staying in Cuzco or Ollantaytambo for the rest of your stay for easy access to Machu Picchu tours. But if you’re looking for something more relaxing and far from major tourist activities, you might want to try out this place we found through Airbnb called Casa Saywa.

The peaceful home stay is located in Urubamba, tucked in a small village called Chichubamba. It was quite easy to reach this place from Cuzco. You only need to take one colectivo from Avenue Grau in Cuzco to Urubamba station then a five minute tricycle ride using the clearly explained direction to the property.

To make most of the long trip to Urubamba, you can stop in Maras to look at Salinas de Maras, a picturesque salt flat. The best way to get there is to take a taxi from where they let you out in Maras. Just make sure you get the right price per person. Bargaining prices can be tricky there. Then you can easily continue your journey to Urubamba using colectivo from the place you get your taxi.

Photo Credit: Bernadetta Handayani

Arriving at Casa Saywa, you’ll be greeted by green scenery and the friendly owner, Niger, with his adorable dog named Croquetta. Located right on the foot of Saywa mountain, the weather can be quite cold at night. But nothing a warm coca tea can’t fix. Another point for this place is that at night you can have a chat with fellow guests while Niger’s friendly dad makes warm coca tea before joining in. Also with the lack of light around the place, you can enjoy some star gazing with your late night conversation. In the morning, you will be welcomed by the simplicity of a Peruvian breakfast complete with fresh juice that is served in a rustic and traditional setting. Perfect way to end a stay at this warm home stay.

With great property plus friendly owners and chill vibe, at a cost of $120 USD per night, Casa Saywa is the perfect getaway place during your stay in Cuzco.

Featured Photo Credit: Jared Yeh

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