Sifnos, Greece • A Greek Tapas Bar in Artemonas, the Most Charming Island Village

Artemonas, which is up the island hills facing the capital, Apollonia, is undoubtedly the most authentic village of the Cycladic island of Sifnos, an unspoiled Aegean paradise just a 2h30 speed boat ride from the Pireas, Athens port. In the heart of Artemonas you will love to get lost wandering among white washed alleys, jasmines and deep blue church roofs.

Just right across one of this panagia, you will get charmed by Mosaiko, an unconventional joint, a Kafenio in Greek, where you can spend some good time drinking chill draft beers, shots of ouzo, tasty local wines and an incredible choice of mezes, appetizer plates to be shared or enjoyed by yourself. I definitely recommend pork chops, rusks with tomato and a delicious soft local cheese, meatballs with mint and ginger potatoes, just to mention some delicacies. Prices are fair, a tapas plate goes for 5-7 euros.

Georgos, the owner, is extremely welcoming and knows everything about the island. He moved back to Sifnos after spending years in Athens, when he decided to revamp the family property with his own vision of  in mind.

Mosaiko is located in the upper part of the village, you cannot miss it in your strolling around Artemonas alleys. It is open for dinner.


Photo © Carmine Savarese

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