Fontanellato, Parma • Get Lost in the World’s Largest Labyrinth

The Labirinto della Masone is the biggest labyrinth in the world.  It seems weird, because its location is Casalbarbato, a small suburb close to Fontanellato, in the district of Parma.

Apart from the labyrinth nothing happens there; I know it because I live 5 minutes from Casalbarbato and when I discovered that that old and forsaken park in the middle of wheat fields would be transformed into an attraction, I was really surprised (and of course happy)!


The desire to create the labyrinth has been an idea of Franco Maria Ricci, an Italian editor and designer who decided to invest in creating this magnus opus. At the entrance you will find the departure point to get inside the labyrinth and a museum that contains the private collection of Franco Maria Ricci (500 works of sculptures, paintings and artworks from 1500 until 1900) and temporary exhibitions. There is a wing entirely dedicated to the painters Ligabue and Ghizzardi.

In the middle of the labyrinth (if you are able to reach it) there is a pyramid and lots of space to organize events, concerts, more exhibitions. This year the labyrinth hosted the concert of the musical group Air


Restaurants and cafès find space in this world apart, nestled in bamboo trees (the chosen plant to build the labyrinth) and in the middle of nothing and nowhere.

The entrance fee is € 18 ($20 USD) but there are different prices for groups or schools.

And, if you find some time, I suggest you to pop into Fontanellato, where you can admire the ancient fortress in the centre, that still conserves its moat.

Photo Credit: Facebook

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