Toledo, Spain • Medieval Delights

Around 75km south of Madrid lies the historical walled city of Toledo. It’s known as “the city of three cultures” owing to the co-existence of Christians, Arabs and Jews during the Middle Ages, which is why the city boasts such a vast array of architecture. From the moment you enter through its gates, you’ll understand why it was declared a World Heritage Site by UNESCO, and as it’s only a short bus or train ride from Madrid you’d be mad to not to pay it a visit.

There are dozens of monuments to explore and climb: Toledo Cathedral, the Alcázar Fortress and the 13th-century Moorish bridge to name a few. Wander around the city’s cobbled labyrinth, absorbing the medieval feel as you pass shop after shop selling old swords and handmade marzipan. If you want the best view, be sure to take the hike up the opposite hill and see the city from a distance to appreciate it in its full glory. Don’t have the time or energy to walk? Catch the tourist train from the centre and they’ll get you to the same spot in a matter of minutes.

If you like arty cafes, enjoy your lunch at La Malquerida de la Trinidad where everything has been up-cycled from lamps made out of Hendrick’s Gin bottles to dangling cheese grater ceiling lights. This restaurant has it all, including friendly staff and a prime location, making it a great place to re-energise before heading back to the country’s capital.


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