Lopburi, Thailand • Living with the Monkeys

On the way from Bangkok to Chiang Mai, there is one of the weirdest cities of the world, mostly because its population is mainly composed of monkeys! Lopburi, in fact, is the city of monkeys and especially of a particular species, the macachi cinomolgo (or, generally tailed macaque ).

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The city, above all, is famous because of a festival, organized every year in November. It is not a historical festival: the first edition has been organized on 1989, to attract tourism into the city. Since that day, millions of people from all over the world come every year in Lopburi.  In one of the main temples of the city, Phra Prang Sam Yot, a real banquet is set up for all the monkeys, that come to eat and “party”!


Apart of this event, it is possible to visit the city during the whole year: there are many historical buildings as Wat Phra Sri Rattanamahathat, a monastery from the XIII  Century, that prove the importance of Lopburi in the past. The city, in fact, has been the capital of Thailand  and the legend wants that King Hanuman, the warrior monkey of the Rama army, founded it in the V Century. Of course, there are always monkeys wandering around during the day and the night: more than 3000 monkeys live there, side by side with the locals!

Be careful if you bring some food with you: monkeys can’t wait to try stealing it!

Photo Credit: Wiki CommonsWiki Wand

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  1. Those monkeys are crazy! haha


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