Muzinë, Albania • The Blue Eye: A Natural Phenomenon

Syri i Kalter means “the blue eye” in Albanian, but it is not the name of a painting, an artwork, or a film. It is neither the name of a monster, but what it truly is, a marvel of nature, leaves you astonished as a divine apparition does.

On the Western slope of  Mali i Gjerë mountain, Syri i Kalter gushes from the rocks. It is a karst spring, shaped as a “blue hole”, of which the true depth has never been revealed. It is composed by 18 sources and it is immersed in a forest 177m on the sea level.


Try to throw a rock on the centre of the eye: after few seconds it will reappear!

Going there for a daily excursion, maybe doing a stop in the closest resort to eat (or to sleep in one of the bungalows that they make available) is the best way to really look Albania in its eyes!

Syri Kalter Kompleksi Turistik, Rruga Sarande-Gjirokaster, Saranda, Albania

Phone: 0692244321

Featured Photo Credit: Alessandro Giangiulio

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