Isla Mujeres, Mexico • Buggies, Beer and Burritos

So it’s not everyday you read an article encouraging you to drink and drive, and whilst we’re aware of the strict laws and dangers in our own Western countries, for one time only, Tiplr is bringing you the only occasion where this kind of behaviour is acceptable and if you’re sensible, also safe. It all goes down on a tiny island in Mexico, just off Cancun’s coast. It’s a beach-lovers paradise and it’s also called Isla Mujeres.

To be honest, unless getting heckled by street-vendors selling tacky Mexican goods is your thing, when you’ve had enough of laying on one of the world’s most beautiful beaches, there isn’t much to do in Mujeres. Not that you will get easily tired of this as the island’s North Beach is second to none, but sometimes in rainy season it’s not so appealing and you have to find yourself an activity… so why not hire a golf buggy!

For $10 USD, a swanky golf-cart can be yours from 9am-5pm and believe me, it’s the most fun you’ll have for $10, ever! Rentable carts are available everywhere and you’ll only need to flash a driving licence and sign some dodgy Spanish papers in order to secure yourself a days worth of bombing around the 5km long island (be it at very limited speed). You’ll discover coves and stunning cliff-views, but also scope out some fantastic spots for Mexican Food (we recommend Mango Cafe for some of the best fish tacos in Mexico!) Plus, on a landmass this size, it’s impossible to get lost.

Amazing Mexican Cuisine at Mango Cafe

When all the adrenaline runs out and your buggy is on it’s last legs, it’s time to grab a Corona for less than $1 at, you guessed it, the Corona Drive Thru! Unmissable at the side of the main road (or dirt track, to you and I) this little gem beats a drive-thru McDonalds or Starbucks any day, and with a limited number of cars on the island, and very limited speed in the buggy, you don’t need to worry about your safety (providing you only have one or two, of course)! We couldn’t believe our eyes, but it’s there, it’s hilarious and it’s definitely a drive-thru you won’t forget! Beep beep!

The Infamous Corona Drive-Thru!

Photo Credits: Author’s Own




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