Ocean Beach, California • Marshmallow Fight!

The 4th of July is a major American holiday. For those of us lucky enough to live near water – that’s exactly where you’ll find us. The beach, river or lake is where we’ll be. Cut off shorts, sandy toes, and of course stars and stripes characterize this holiday. California has no shortage of activities or great places to spend this summer day, and San Diego is a prime location.

Photo by Erin Burt

Ocean Beach is a small community in San Diego that has a very unique vibe. With only one main strip the town has a cozy neighborhood feel. The beach is lined with restaurants, bars, and boutique shops. In the evening there are fireworks, barbecues, and friendly locals celebrating. The quirkiest attraction is the marshmallow fight that takes place after the fireworks. In the past the event became a little too aggressive so the city has worked with the community to tone down the action. It can be playful fun as long as everyone picks up after himself or herself! After all, we are celebrating America so we want to keep her in pristine shape!

Featured Photo: Nathan Rupert

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