Brooklyn, NYC • A Secret Skyline Spot

New York City has a million-dollar skyline and for that reason, most places you can go to enjoy said skyline cost you almost a million dollars per drink. Well, not quite, but you get the picture, they’re expensive! Head to any rooftop bar in Manhattan or Brooklyn and you’re easily looking at $20 USD for a drink. Great for an occasion, but not great if you want to maximise your evenings in NYC enjoying the sunset over the concrete jungle that is Lower Manhattan. Combine this with the setting-sun’s reflection off the East River, and you have yourself a city-scape like no other.

So where can you enjoy this sight for less than $20 a pint? At Buzz Bar, in Brooklyn’s trendy suburb, DUMBO at the Fulton Ferry Landing.


Down Under the Manhattan Bridge Overpass is what this area’s name literally stands for, and the view you get from under said bridge, is nothing short of stunning. Google Search for this bar and you won’t find much, which is why Tiplr loves it. The bar (or shabby-chic, pop-up shack, should I say) is operated by the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory, and opens in the Spring and Summer months on the Pier Decking. You can grab yourself a cone of delicious hot chips for $4, a beer for $5, listen to the jazz sessions and admire the skyline for free. Feel the breeze from the East River in your hair and watch the sun go down over a busy day in the city. It’s an environment you’ll find impossible to dislike.


For more info on Buzz Bar visit the Brooklyn Ice Cream Factory Facebook Page where details of Jazz Sessions and events in Summer 2016 are available.


Photo Credits: Author’s Own


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