Tynemouth, England • Proper Fish & Chips, Quirky Art and Stretches of British Shoreline

This tip has been provided by English Explorer, Rachel Smith.

Tynemouth, a historical town by the sea and just a 20-minute drive or a quick subway-train from the centre of Newcastle-Upon-Tyne. It’s a popular spot that’s well worth a visit on a sunny day if you’re in the area; as ever Tiplr are on hand to suggest the perfect itinerary for you.


Try to arrive before lunch so you can explore before you get too full. Potter about the shops and wander below the town’s bunting on your way over to The Priory. If you don’t fancy parting with your pounds to visit inside it, climb the hill next to it and peek over the crumbling walls to get a sense of what it was like to be a Northumbrian watchman – just don’t tumble into the moat. From here you can take a stroll across the stone pier towards the lighthouse, a 900m route only accessible on calm days. Ladies, at the end of the pier the North wind is strong, so don’t forget your hair bobbles.


After returning to land you’ve probably worked up a bit of an appetite, making it a perfect time to get your well-earned lunch. No British seaside trip would be complete without a portion of our famous fish & chips and you’d be mad not to visit new-kid-on-the-block ‘Longsands Fish Kitchen’, named after the nearby Longsands beach. If you don’t fancy a sit-down meal in the restaurant with proper cutlery, buy your lunch from the takeaway section and eat out of a cardboard box the traditional way. You can get a lunchtime portion for just over a fiver, which is enough even for the hungriest of explorers.

tyne 3

Wash the vinegar from your hands and head to the beach for a leisurely stroll across the sand while your food settles. Take off your shoes and have a paddle if you think can handle the cold, whilst keeping your eyes peeled for bobbing seals that regularly swim near the shore. Next try your hand at crazy mini-golf with a dinosaur theme or pay a visit to the aquarium. Before going home you’d best have a drink or two in the quirky ‘Barca Art Café’, where local art for sale covers the walls, plastic army figures walk upside down on the ceiling and furry friends are welcome. There is a drink to suit everyone, from local ales to £4 cocktails and a delicious food menu to sample. Be sure to sit in one of the tiled alcoves and soak up the relaxed atmosphere before heading home after a day of sampling the delights of Tynemouth.

Featured Photo Credit: barnyz  //  Additional Photo Credits: Author’s Own

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