Koh Chang, Thailand • Bedrooms at Bo’s

The Thai Islands can be an intense experience whether its partying on Koh Phi Phi or diving all day on Koh Tao. If you want a slightly more undiscovered and more relaxed encounter though, Tiplr recommend you head to Koh Chang, which perfectly located for onward travel into Cambodia.

On Koh Chang we stayed in the area of Sai Khao, a fairly peaceful place with a small population, lots of great beaches and fun activities to do. But where to stay? As budget travellers, nearing the end of our South East Asia trip… we didn’t have much money left!  So sadly, the fancy hillside apartments and hotels didn’t match our decreasing Thai baht, though luckily for us, we met some extremely helpful people who told us of a secluded spot at the right hand side of the beach in Sai Khao called Independent Bo’s.


To get there, once on the main street of Sai Khao, take a small alleyway to the beach near the 7/11 supermarket, then head as far right as possible until you come to a series of tree houses buried deep in the cliff but appropriately sat on the water’s edge. I imagine a lot of people say ‘this was like no other hostel’ about the places they stay but in actual fact, this hostel/retreat really was like no other place we had stayed in South East Asia. It was unique, eco-friendly, hidden, cost efficient and totally relaxing. A quirky, bohemian washed up hippy camp in tropical surrounding which is well worth a visit for a night or two.

At Bo’s there’s an area where travellers could sit, drink and share their tales whilst looking out over the incoming tide. The rooms were basic but brilliant, we went for a double bed with mosquito net, fan and en-suite bathroom (or, hut with cold water supply!) The two night’s we spent here maybe weren’t the most comfortable but they were interesting; especially with the introduction of our little bathroom toad-friend late one night!


All in all, Independent Bo’s is a great place to kick back, relax on the beach, enjoy a few cheap days before heading back towards Bangkok or on to Cambodia. Activities whilst on Koh Chang? Hire a moped, explore the many secret beaches and famous Khlong Prao Waterfall before finishing the ride with the Mu Ko Chang National Park Viewpoint and a potentially beautiful sunset! Enjoy!

Featured Photo Credit: John Lockwood // Additional Photo Credits: Author’s Own

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