Bogotá, Colombia • See the City by Bike

Although Bogotá is basically safe for tourists in this day and age, there are still some areas of town that you probably shouldn’t visit, at least not without a local guide. But with Bogota Bike Tours, you can see several zones of the city, learn about the tumultuous history of Colombia, sample some local dishes, and even get to join in on a local pastime.

Bogota Bike Tours is conveniently located in La Candelaria, where you can take a morning (10:30) or afternoon (1:30) tour every day for only 35,000 COP (a little under $12). On the tour, you will see working class neighborhoods, beautiful Victorian era neighborhoods, Plaza de Bolivar, Parque Nacional, state-sponsored grafitti street art, a local coffee roaster and cafe, and the red light district. You’ll even get to play a game of tejo with the locals over a national beer like Águila or Poker. Tejo is similar to the American game of cornhole, but uses gunpowder so that when your metal disc hits the target, it creates a loud bang and flash. It’s highly satisfying to hit the target and the game is quickly addicting!


The bike tour lasts nearly 5 hours, but it is not overly difficult, even on the hilly terrain of Bogota. The guide makes frequent stops, including for snack breaks. During the tour, you’ll be able to snack on hot arepas or freshly-made Colombian fruit salad at the Parque Nacional or have a steaming cup of coffee at the Cafe de la Fonda coffee shop. This tour cannot be missed during any trip to Bogota and is a bargain for all that you’ll learn, see, and experience!

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Featured Photo Credit: David Berkowitz  //  Additional Photos: Crystal Anderson

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