Metelkova, Slovenia • Ljubljana’s Most Original ‘Hood

This tip comes from our Italian Explorer Alessio Amato

Metelkova is a self-declared “autonomous cultural zone” located in Ljubljana, the capital of Slovenia, a small European country born in 1991 after Yugoslavia collapsed.  It used to be the Slovenian headquarters of the Yugoslav National Army. The area consists of seven buildings.

Photo Credit: Eoghan OLionnain

Inside, you may find several clubs and bars proposing all kinds of music, especially for the alternative youth. It is also, where the Slovenian LGBT community meets regularly, as the only gay and lesbian clubs in Ljubljana are inside this area. There are also many artist galleries and studios, with the most prominent one being the Alkatraz.

Alkatraz by Greta Hughson

If you need a place where to sleep inside this particular neighbourhood, I can recommend you the Hostel Celica, situated inside a former prison. Yes, you read that right!, the official website of Metelkova, has every information you may need about this social centre. For the moment, though, the site is only in Slovenian. Lastly, if you want to experience the nightlife at its best, you should go on Fridays, as it is the most crowded day.

Featured Photo Credit: Lassi Kurkijärvi

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