Paro, Bhutan • Unbelievable Way of Life

Bhutan isn’t a top ten destination, but maybe it’s better that way. Nature and religion mixes with daily life. Buddhism is not only a practice, but a way of approaching our world, and I am sure that the word “stress” is not used nearly as much as in the Western world.

Even if no one speaks about this country; it exists and is amazing! The transportation is not the best, but the lush landscape, full of mountains makes up for it. There is Gangkhar Puensum, one of the highest unclimbed mountains, as well as hills, where you can ride a bike and go explore the view!

Photo Credit: Arian Zwegers

Thimphu is the capital and is maybe more famous than Paro, a small town on the Pa Chu shore. It is really close to Paro Dzong, the most important dzong (distinctive type of fortress architecture used for religious, military, or administrative functions) in Bhutan. Its name means jewelry’s fortress and it was built in 1644 to defend the city. If you wish to relax and explore, strolling through its huge walls and spaces, you won’t be disappointed!

Photo Credit: Flickr/So_P

In Paro there is also a local restaurant, known by the small touristic crowd coming into Bhutan. It’s no wonder it is becoming popular, plates are special and change everyday, the owners are nice and warm and prices are really affordable!  Sonam Trophel Restaurant (Paro Tshongdue Above Paro Canteen, Paro, Bhutan. Phone: 9758271287) won’t leave you hungry! For only Nu 480 (6,50 euro-$ 8 USD) you can order the complete menu: try momo (ravioli) and hentshey datse (cheese potatoes) if are a part of the daily offer!

Featured Photo Credit: Henrik Schou Hansen


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