Cyprus • A Hotel Fit For a Queen

Cyprus, located at the most eastern part of the Mediterranean may be a bit of a mystery to some. It sits right under Turkey and just above Egypt and Israel. However, with its amazing beaches, truly fabulous hotels and resorts it’s definitely one to hit up if you get a chance.

Last week we were given the opportunity to try out one of Cyprus’ most beautiful hotel resorts. Anassa Hotel, located near South Cyprus’ western edge, offered everything we were looking for in a relaxing and stylish environment. And the food, don’t even get us started on the food! Every restaurant has a different vibe to suit your needs whether you’re craving Mediterranean, Asian or traditional Cypriot! Every restaurant offers a variety of fresh seafood caught daily in local waters.

The hotel has its own spa with many treatments to chose from as well as a massage pool filled with filtered seawater (no nasty chemicals) which is also heated to optimum temperature. As well as an indoor pool and gym, the hotel also has three outdoor pools including an infinity pool. If you want something a little different just a few metres away is a private beach area with extra comfy sun beds and large umbrellas if you need some shade.

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The word Anassa literally means ‘Queen’ and this place really lives up to the royal vibe! Just one hours drive from Paphos Airport or two hours from neighbouring city Limassol you can catch beautiful views on your way by taking the coastal road.

Photo Credit: Author’s Own

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