Kandy, Sri Lanka – An Eclectic Gem Hidden in the Jungle

On the hill town of Kandy, in Sri Lanka, surrounded by jungle and wildlife, appears a fancy mix of colours, an explosion of art, kitsch and oddities. Is that a hidden world? It’s maybe some strange alien dropped down from Mars to create an alternative lifestyle residence? Mmmh…no, dear travellers, you can leave your worries behind and walk through the door of this magical world, that is nothing less than…a hotel!

Helga’s Folly, is a building designed in 1930 by Helga’s mother Esme de Silva, inspired by Le Corbusier style and entirely decorated by the owner Helga in the past years, with a tropical whimsical theme. The first room she decorated is black and from that one she started painting the whole hotel with colorful murals adorning every wall, inside and outside.

Photo Credit: Journey Jeff's Pix
Photo Credit: Journey Jeff’s Pix

Out of the hotel there is the real jungle, but if you stay inside you won’t miss it too much. Twisting plants in the lobby room, colonial style pictures, baubles, cats, devils and gods playing peekaboo… everything that could be imagined and more is found here.

There are 40 rooms, from basic tariff ($100USD)  to luxury suite ($500USD), but with special prices for artists and writers ($50USD ).

The restaurant serves organic food, mostly vegetarian (if you want to eat meat you can tell them and they will serve you chicken or fish curry) and for tea time you can have coffee, soup, puddings and much more while watching a movie in the hotel’s cinema downstairs!

Featured Photo Credit: Flickr/snowflakegirl

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