Cebu, Philippines – The Sleepy Little Town of Moalboal

Comprised of over 7,000 islands, the Philippines are a tropical paradise. Every island seems to have its own identity and offers something to each traveler. Friendly locals, beautiful beaches, and volcano treks are just a few things that draw people to the Philippines. But as you will quickly find out, there is so much to do and see that one trip won’t be enough to satisfy your Philippines wanderlust! This island paradise has the allure of Hawaii, the crafts of the South Pacific, and the friendliness of Asia. It’s easy to see why so many travelers extend their visa to stay longer than the thirty-days granted on arrival.

The sleepy little town of Moalboal is on Cebu’s southwest coast. Panagsama Beach is the main budget accommodation area and is a quick habal habal (think tuk tuk) ride away. Shallow diving and snorkeling are the big draw here. The area is teeming with life and is stunningly beautiful. Just meters off shore you can encounter the famous sardine run, which is a dense swarm of sardines that move along the shelf wall creating geometric shapes! It’s easy to swim right up to them and watch the entire school shift shape as they swim away. It’s also common to see many turtles in one dive/snorkel session and sometimes even thresher sharks (although this is rare)!


While Panagsama Beach is great to view life under the sea, it is not an ideal beach on land. White Beach is a twenty-minute habal habal ride away and like its name suggests, it has a white sand beach. There are vendors selling food, drinks, and other commodities, but of course at a much higher price than you’d expect. Relaxing in paradise can have its drawbacks in terms of the price to be there. But a few extra pesos for that kind of beauty is well worth it. With so much snorkeling, diving, and beaching, Moalboal boasts the natural beauties both under the sea and on land!


Photo Credit: Erin Burt

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  1. Hey Erinjburt, nice post! I’ve been twice to Philippines and I went to Moalboal the second time, just for few days but it was a beautiful experience! First time I snorkelled there I thought: How many sardines are running here?!? 😀 Lovely place, like all Philippines, big hug


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