Faroe Islands – A Northern Paradise

The Faroe Islands are a unbelievable and uncontaminated world, well known by bird-watching lovers, but hidden to the rest of the population. There are 18 islands, separated by narrow sounds or fjords. Although they are really close to one another, these islands offer a large variety of traditions, landscapes, culture, and sights.

The Faroe Islands are divided into seven regions: Norðoyggjar, the northern group, is  famous for the bustling fishing industry, its second largest town, Klaksvík  and the silence and tranquility of its smaller villages.

 Eysturoy is the second group and there you’ll find Slættaratindur, the highest mountain in the Faroe Islands.  Every year the village Gøta hosts the G-festival in July, which has been nominated as the second best music festival in Europe.

Photo Credit: Johannes Martin

Vágar is the island where the airport is located, but it hosts also the largest lake on the island, and either by foot or onboard a boat, you can reach the fantastic cascade, Bøsdalafossur, that falls from the lake into the ocean. The  neighbouring island Mykines is a birds’ paradise, and offers fantastic hiking opportunities, bird watching possibilities and quiet.

Sandoy is the different island. A large and beautiful sandy beach defines the village of Sandur. The big sand dunes are the perfect spot for an evening picnic after a good hike or fishing trip around the island. In the village, the art gallery Sands Listasavn is one of the main attractions. And, if you take a boat, you can have the opportunity to visit the inaccessible island Stóra Dímun where only one family lives.

Suðuroy is a world apart from the rest of the Faroes. The language has a special tone, and the people of Suðuroy are well known for talking straight to the point. The two main towns, Tvøroyri and Vágur, represent the north and south of the island and are historically rivals.

Photo Credit: DavideGorla

Streymoy is the largest as well as the longest of the Faroe Islands. The main attraction on Streymoy is the capital Tórshavn. The 29th of July is the Faroese National Day and both the 28th and 29th are greatly celebrated, with cultural events, shows, concerts, parties and sport events.

Photo Credit: DavideGorla

This is a taste of all the different things you can find in these amazing islands, from culture to nature. If you spend a week here you will think you are living in an other world. No more grey, smog, stress for those who decide to take a breath in Northern Sea!

Featured Photo Credit: Hans Juul Hansen

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