Luxembourg – A Multicultural Experience

Luxembourg City has existed as a city fortress since the antique age. It sits on a huge rocky spur and is the capital of Gran Duchy of Luxembourg.

As the banking and administrative center of Europe, it is not always as serious and strict as many people think; lush greenery is everywhere and fresh air, good people and a multicultural atmosphere are all present.  In fact, in Luxembourg, three languages are spoken: Luxembourgish, French and German. Everything is written in all three different ways (and sometimes in English too) so, even if you arrive there and you think that you would never understand Luxembourgish (the official language since 1984), then you have no excuse not to get one of the others!

The old city of Luxembourg and the surrounding fortress has for a long time been part of the UNESCO World Heritage. It is a city of contrasts and urban experiences: high-tech buildings running alongside historic monuments, such as the Grand-Ducal Palace.

Photo Credit: Tilemahos Efthimiadis

The Corniche is known as the “most beautiful balcony in Europe” and from there you will have an astonishing view of Neumünster Abbey and the St John’s Church, where the Black Madonna lies. 

And, on Sunday morning… free jazz concerts are performed!

Featured Photo Credit: Francisco Anzola 

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