Buenos Aires, Argentina – Cuisine at Las Cabras

This Tip is provided by our English Explorer, Alex Taylor.

The culture in BA was different to anywhere else I’d ever been. The streets were very European, the spoken Spanish was easier to understand, and the meats and wines were incredible.

Despite there being thousands of restaurants to choose from in and around the city, we managed to go to one place twice in one week, but this was for good reason. We found the restaurant situated in the neighborhood of Palermo, north of the city centre. It was called Las Cabras and it was amazing.

The interesting thing about this place was we turned up at 10.30pm thinking it was going to be closed or last orders but no; not in Buenos Aires. There was large gathering of people (around 60) all stood outside the restaurant. These people were in fact waiting to be seated for their meal. What we didn’t know was that there were no pre-bookings for this restaurant and it was open very late.

The group of us who visited Las Cabras for the first time approached a woman with a clipboard to ask about sitting at a table. She said that it was not possible until after 12.30pm, TWELVE THIRTY? It seemed crazy to wait this long, but we were informed that it was worth it. Starving with hunger, we returned at our allotted time and were not disappointed.

Seated in the middle of the jam-packed restaurant, we ordered a few bottles of the house Red Wine (Locally produced Malbec for around $3 USD each!) and followed with the food. Three friends and myself ordered a mixed grill sharing platter between us which had steaks pieces, chorizo, sausages, ribs and for the braver, some intestines. Two other friends ordered gigantic steaks served with a choice of vegetables, salad or fries.

It was quite clear to my friends and I why Las Cabras has been a success since opening. The steak and wine on offer was not only out of this world, but they were good value for money. If you head to Buenos Aires, which you probably will on your Argentina trip, GO TO LAS CABRAS YOU WILL LOVE IT!

Featured Photo Credit: http://travelwithgrant.boardingarea.com/

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