Aspen, Colorado – Getting Back to Nature

This Tip was provided by Northern Irish Explorer, Sinead Corr.

If you’ve started feeling fenced in and stressed out by the unrelenting pace of city life then Aspen is the perfect escape. Tucked away in the Rocky Mountains this quintessential American Ski town has become famous for its popularity with the rich and famous, as well as its chilled out vibes, courtesy of the legality of marijuana.

If you visit Aspen during ski season, it boasts some of the best slopes in the world and the après ski bars always promise a good time, particularly the renowned Ajax Tavern at the foot of Ajax (Aspen) Mountain. But, while you are knocking the well deserved drinks back, don’t forget there is much more to Aspen than Ski. You’re surrounded by the spectacular White River National Forest and some of the views we came across while hiking were truly breath-taking, and not to mention some of the houses!
We were brave enough to hike up Buttermilk Mountain which reaches nearly 10,ooo feet! So if you dare to take on the high-altitude hikes in the area, here are some Tiplr tips to get you through:
  • Water, water and more water! I made the costly mistake of thinking one small bottle would be enough…it wasn’t. The rationing was brutal and had me close to tears several times! This hike is tough and it is difficult to breathe, so stock up!
  • Bring a change of clothes to change at the top, because trust me, you are going to sweat. A LOT. Also bring something warm as although you feel like you will never be cool again, the gondola ride back down can get super chilly.
  • Don’t forget to soak in the experience and the phenomenal views as you climb. The hike may be physically challenging but the views of the snow topped Rockies are well worth the pain!


If you feel any nausea at the thought of rigorous physical activity, fear not! There are plenty of beautiful walks at ground level. You can take a stroll through the stunning John Denver Gardens where you will find his lyrics carved into rocks to commemorate the singers time spent, and the songs he wrote about Aspen.

Even if you aren’t a smoker yourself, there is something oddly different yet relaxing and satisfying about strolling around the picturesque little town, window shopping at the high-end boutiques with the unmistakable smell of marijuana wafting through the air.
If you still aren’t convinced Aspen is for you, how does yoga at 11,212 feet sound? Grab a foot pass and take the gondola up to top of Aspen Mountain Restaurant for a spot of Yoga on the sun-deck. It only costs $5 USD and you get to do your downward-dogs overlooking the mountains! It’s a pretty cool experience!

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