Naples, Italy – La Vera Pizza

‘La Vera Pizza’ is an Italian phrase meaning real,true pizza! It describes pizza made only in Naples. In 1906, in Via Cesare Sersale 1, Naples, in the Rione Berlingieri area, the Antica Pizzeria da Michele, what will become pizza’s sacred temple, is born.

The space has not changed, tables are in marble, with simple chairs, without sumptuous furniture. It is quite spartan and they don’t accept bookings! Whoever comes first, eats first! For this reason it is normal to find a huge queue at the entrance, but never mind that, those who go to Michele’s to eat pizza are ready to wait for a couple of hours. It’s like eating a bite of Naples and the history of pizza.

The menu offers two kinds of pizza: Margherita or Marinara (without mozzarella, but with garlic and oregano) and soft drinks, beer or water. The price varies from 4 to 5 Euro ($5-6 USD), but it depends also on the ingredients that you might want to add. Pizzas are big… but for some one is just not enough!

If you plan to go to Italy and tell your friends you ate ‘real’ pizza then you absolutely can’t miss this great place!

Photo Credits: Francesco Condurro

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