Arizona – The Magical Lights and Curves of Antelope Canyon

If you’re driving from Arizona to Utah and decided to stop at Page for an unplanned visit to the Antelope Canyon, getting an Upper Antelope Canyon tour can be quite a challenge, especially during the holiday season. Getting a tour around 10 am – 12 pm without having made prior reservation, is proven to be hard. Luckily, Lower Antelope Canyon is as mesmerizing as the Upper Antelope Canyon!


There’s only one place that you can take this tour, at Dixie Ellis Lower Antelope Canyon tour. The tour is located just about 10 minutes after entering Page (Indn Rte 222), where the canyon is located right behind it. The tour is run by local Navajo guides and they provide shorter tours therefore a lot more time slots. But, you might want to get there early to get the time slot you want.

Try to get food and bring water before your tour starts, because they only sell snacks and drinks inside the waiting room. Also, the weather can be pretty hot in the summer, make sure you wear your shoes to avoid the hot sand, hydrate, use sunscreen and wear a hat.

The tour will start by walking 2 minutes to the canyon, told you it was close. From there, you will be guided throughout the whole tour. Take a note that there are stairs involved in this tour. Stay close to your guide, they might point out unique shadows the light creates. Our tour guide told us that the Lower Antelope Canyon receive lights longer because its underground location, while the Upper Antelope Canyon can get really dark in the afternoon. Another plus for anyone taking an impromptu trip to Page.

Photo Credits: Author’s Own

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