New Zealand – Kayaking at Cathedral Cove

As you sit on the sandy beach, with your hands warming up around a steaming mug of hot chocolate and the sheer beauty of the rugged nature surrounding you, you begin to forget the drag of the early wake up call at 4am that morning.

This is not merely a description of some idyllic remote beach fantasy. It is of course, the headlining feature of the ‘Morning Classic’ Sunrise tour as led by Cathedral Cove Kayak Tours. One of New Zealand’s top eco-tours, this particular excursion is unique in that it only runs from the beginning of December until the end of January, providing you with the opportunity to be one of the first in the world to glimpse the rising sun and see the glistening huge archways of Cathedral Cove at first light.

Chasing the rising sun as you navigate your way along the white sandy coastline where huge pillars of Pumice Breccia rock loom over you, your guide will be on hand to tell ancient Maori stories on the formation of the peninsula and surrounding landscapes. The Coromandel Peninsula, where Cathedral Cove is tucked away, was first visited by explorer Captain James Cook in the late 18th Century and was named after the British Navy ship that later docked in the region in 1820.

This stretch of the Pacific Ocean is also the Te Whanganui-a-Hei Marine Reserve, where fishing is prohibited to allow for abundant marine life – many an opportunity for kayakers to spot the plentiful fish that occupy the lapping waves.

Setting off from the silky sands of Hahei Beach, your guide will navigate your group to Cathedral Cove beach, where upon landing your kayak, above-mentioned hot beverage will be promptly made in order to warm you up (Tiplr Tip: bring a jumper!) and prepare you for the equally spectacular return journey.

For more information on this trip visit the Cathedral Cove Kayak Tours website

Featured Photo Credit: Wiki Commons

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